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Bieten Sie Ihre Studio- und Zimmerflächen verschiedenen Kunden zu unterschiedlichen Konditionen an

Today Jammed launches the new booking activities feature! You’ll now be able to offer your studio and room spaces to different customers for different rates.

Say you have a vocal booth that was space for 2 people - you can now setup a rate for a songwriting session, another rate for a producer led recording session and another for a podcast recording session. Each of these can have their own prices and minimum times for booking, as well as custom start & end times - meaning that you can offer the same space at the same time for different rates, or the same space at different times depending what’s happening - pretty nifty!

As customers book the room, the availability is still tracked as it is now, so you’ll never see a double booking, but able to offer your spaces for more activities and attract different sets of customers.

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