Offer equipment to customers booking

Sell additional equipment and services that’s offered to the customer to all bookings

A key problem from rehearsal rooms that we kept hearing as we made Jammed was that current software didn’t allow you to add equipment for hire at the time of booking. You could only rent out the blocks of time, and everything seemed like a faff to get sorted out.

Jammed solves this through offering ‘Extras’ - additional equipment and services that’s offered to the customer to all bookings. The main examples here are renting a full drum kit, instead of just the shells, or hiring out guitars, basses, amps, breakables, cables and microphones. The list here is endless and really depends on how your studio operates, and the services you provide.

Rare and expensive equipment hire

You might also want to offer some equipment to only customers you know and trust. This is where Jammed differentiates between Extras. You can offer up ‘common’ extras to all customers at time of booking, but if they request it, you can setup the rare or expensive kit and add it to their booking for them.

Rental costs per hour and per usage

Jammed offer equipment to customers and allows you to set pricing for each piece you have. You can mix between fixed per-time costs (e.g. £30 to rent an amp) and variable per-hour costs (e.g. £50 per hour for a recording engineer). You can also have both, so a minimum fixed cost and then an hourly cost on top.

We work this out for each booking once they’ve picked a time, so the customer knows in advance how much their booking will be in total.

Stock and inventory control

The most powerful feature in Jammed for Extras is that we can track the stock for each item for you. When you offer your Extras, you can add your total stock of the item. If you’ve already rented your maximum out for that time frame (e.g. you only have 4 rental bass guitars but 6 rooms) then we won’t offer this to the next customer that wants to rent it.

With this, you can relax and be assured that the stock of your equipment and Jammed offering it to book won’t leave a customer disappointed if it’s not available.

Lastly, you can see when and who rented out a piece of equipment, so you can track it’s usage.

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