Intuitive calendar and dashboard

At a glance see the state of each room on a given day, and make sure that each booking is settled before they leave

The main view in Jammed is a central calendar of all the bookings we have taken for you. It lists the performer and group details, which room it’s in, the time, and whether or not the booking has been paid for. This means that at a glance you can see the state of each room on a given day, and make sure that each booking is settled before they leave.

Drag empty space to make a booking

Jammed offer a few ways of making bookings - but on the calendar you can make a booking by dragging with a mouse on empty space. A draft booking then appears in it’s place, ready for you to make sure it’s in the right time & room.

Once you’re ready to complete the booking, clicking ‘Create booking’ brings up a popup for the rest of the information, including Customer & group details, extras & a price projection.

Drag around bookings to edit them

You can also edit bookings in the same way - instead of using a form to edit bookings, you can drag and resize them on the dashboard. You can also move the room of the booking by dragging it across to the new room.

Making any changes to a booking will need you to verify and confirm the changes you’ve made. This is to stop multiple emails being sent out for the same booking, if for instance, the room and time is changing. One new email with all the new information can be sent to the customer once edits have happened.

Week and month views

Alongside the default day view to the calendar are the week and month views. The week view scrolls horizontally to show each day and each room - all the bookings are show as smaller blocks. For studios with a large number of rooms this might be quite unwieldy due to the amount of scrolling.

The week view also supports dragging bookings, and dragging empty space to create new bookings.

Also for the Jammed dashboard is the month view - this shows you a snapshot of each day and the number of bookings for each. For the week or month view, double clicking the day shown will bring you to.

Jump to date

Lastly, you can jump to a specific date by clicking on the date at the top of the dashboard. A smaller calendar will appear - find the date you want, and Jammed will zoom you to then.

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