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Cutting edge booking software for studios

About Jammed

Take the stress out of studio management with our super-efficient booking software, giving you the time back to do what you love

Our story

Jammed founder and CEO, Andy Callaghan

As a musician and experienced software developer, Jammed founder Andy Callaghan was the right guy to notice a flaw in studio booking management and act on it.

Organising and booking rehearsals was a time-consuming and often frustrating process. After a chat with a studio owner in York, Andy realised that no software quite fit the needs of studios. And so Jammed was born.

Since its launch in 2019, Jammed has grown from supporting a handful of users in the UK to having subscribers across the globe benefitting from all the app has to offer - from automated online bookings and calendar management to invoicing and tax receipts.

Andy built Jammed from scratch, using his own experience as a musician and his expertise as a software developer to create a booking app that would make it easier for musicians to book studio time.

Our customers

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When do you get to enjoy the business you've created and give it the attention it needs to grow to its full potential?

When Andy spoke to some of you about this, your frustrations were confirmed, so he set about developing an app that would automate bookings for you in just a few clicks. Co-creating the Jammed studio booking app with invaluable input from several friendly independent music spaces meant that Andy could ensure the software offered studio managers all they could possibly need to streamline and automate a time-consuming and laborious process.

And Jammed continues to evolve. Not only in its scope and number of subscribers, but in the range of services the app can offer. New features are regularly added in response to what studio owners need to make yours and your team's jobs easier.

Check out our Features page for more info and why not try our app Demo to see for yourself how bookings management is speedy and simple with Jammed.

Our values

Jammed founder and CEO, Andy Callaghan giving a talk to young students

Community spirit

Jammed is created by the community, for the community. From its conception through to all upgrades and add-ons, close collaboration with several indie music studios means that the software functionality is developed with you in mind.

Back to our grassroots

At Jammed, we believe in the importance and impact of the grassroots music industry and want to support it by offering all non-profits, charitable bodies and universities a 15% discount on subscriptions.

First-class technology

Andy has years of software development experience for start-ups so understands how imperative it is to build high-performance, user-friendly and reliable software that’s made to last using the latest web technologies.

Belt and braces

The Jammed app has been developed to the highest industry security standards to ensure your data is secure. We will never sell or share yours or your customers' private data. Jammed also strives to own all the data it uses, so there's no third-party tracking or analysis (so no cookie banners!). Your data secrets are safe with us.