Jammed Case studies

All Nighter Studios

All Nighter Studios worked with Jammed to create a customised booking system that has all they need in one place

Other booking systems were not fit for purpose

Before they discovered Jammed, Justin and Grey had looked at other booking systems to integrate into their website, but found they all fell short of what was needed. The first system they tried had the look and functionality better suited to a hair salon or similar appointment-based service. You had to book a person and a room, which for an unmanned studio open 24/7 across 7 suites would’ve confused them and their customers. Also, it didn’t show when the room was booked, only what times were available.

The quotes we got for websites that we actually wanted would have cost us a fortune … and the other calendars we saw just weren’t there with the user interface

Justin - All Nighter Studios

To build the system they wanted from scratch would’ve been too expensive, so when the digital agency working on their studio website suggested Jammed, they knew they were onto something.

Jammed ticked all the boxes

Straight away, even before looking at the backend, it was like yep, this is the one… it gave us everything all in one.

Justin - All Nighter Studios

“Straight away, even before looking at the backend, it was like yep, this is the one … it gave us everything all in one.”

Justin and Grey needed a booking system that would not only be automated, fast and efficient, but would allow for multiple room bookings in a 24-hour studio that was not staffed around the clock.

The tech team at Jammed offer to customise the booking app to tailor the system to a studio’s needs. For the All Nighter Studios, this meant integrating custom-coded room locks via the integration tool Zapier to allow customers safe, secure access to the recording suites using a code that is automatically emailed to them prior to their session start time. Users can also extend their session at the end of their pre-booked slot via the Jammed app. If they fail to do so in time, the app automatically turns off the power to that studio.

Benefits to the customers

Users have found the booking system easy to use. Everything is in one place and is totally fuss-free. They can use the studios any time of day or night, all through their phone.

Our customer feedback on the system has been great. It’s such a quick thing. They’ve logged in, see their time, book.

Justin - All Nighter Studios

“Our customer feedback on the system has been good. It’s such a quick thing. They’ve logged in, see their time, book.”

So much more than a time-saver

For Justin and Grey, Jammed has not only freed them up from spending a lot of time on their laptops managing bookings, working across several different platforms and devices. They can also now trust that studio bookings will run smoothly and automatically thanks to the Jammed calendar functionality and the integrated software handling door code locks.

They’ve had a lot of people asking what they use and gained a lot of promotion for their studios straight away.