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Salt Box Studios

SALTBOX Studios is using Jammed to help automate their business

RDU 98.5FM - A radio station

Simon Claridge approached Jammed to help them build a booking system for a spin off rehearsal room to their radio station. The radio station is a not-for-profit alternative radio station in Christchurch/Ōtautahi, New Zealand, and caters to a wide range of music genres.

A lot of the music played on-air is from local musicians, and so a rehearsal room was an ideal expansion to the radio station. Simon is a very busy man, and was keen on automating the business of taking bookings as much as possible.

...[before] we had a wireless point of sale and classic monthly billing / invoicing - we had to do everything manually. That’s the biggest thing. Your plugin was always part of our strategy to help automate the business - the business has to be as automated as it can be, and that’s what Jammed does for us

Simon Claridge - Salt Box Studios

A system designed to automate your bookings

Jammed is built from scratch for rehearsal rooms to take online bookings. SALTBOX are a new studio, but were previously taking payment for the event rooms bookings manually by issuing invoices.

With Jammed, SALTBOX can send requests for payment straight from the interface. The customer can then pay online with the email, or via bank transfer.

Jammed is specifically tailored to the unique needs of rehearsal and recording studios like SALTBOX.

Jammed is going to eliminate all the admin work for us. For instance customers cancelling a booking 5 minutes before their start time of 6pm. So instead of our team needing to be on site answering the phones or in person enquiries, we can allow them to cancel and maybe be or not be refunded - or we might give them a credit, but having Jammed means it’s really going to save time and automate the business for us which is what we want.

Simon Claridge - Salt Box Studios

Mini booking app

Key for SALTBOX was that they wanted to integrate the booking system with their existing Wordpress website, so Jammed developed a mini booking app that would allow customers to book the studio directly. It's as simple as dropping a piece of code into the website, and the booking system will appear to the customers on that page.

Find out more about the Jammed Mini Booking App, a simple customisable booking widget for your website.

We looked through a few plugins and options over the years, but once we found your one, it seemed like the best for our customers

Simon Claridge - Salt Box Studios