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Jammed does so much more than lighten your admin load. We believe in helping music studios in any way we can, helping you meet the needs of your customers as fully and efficiently as possible. This is why we also offer a unique, easy way to store and share audio with your customers, giving them another great reason to choose your studio again and again.

100GB of free storage

Jammed offers you the chance to upload and share a generous 100GB of audio as part of the standard subscription. That’s the equivalent of over 12,000 hours of MP3 files that can be stored and shared securely for your customers.

And don’t worry if you use up your free storage. When you get close to this soft limit, we’ll notify you and give you a couple of options: you can either pay just £1 for each additional 10GB of storage or you can delete old recordings to keep you under the 100GB capacity.

Uploading audio for your customer

Uploading audio files for your customers is really straightforward. Just go to the booking on Jammed that the audio relates to (this is typically found at the time that particular audio was recorded in a particular studio). Take the track you want to upload – this can be anything from a rough demo to a finished podcast – and upload it to the booking via the app.

Jammed supports all major file types (MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A) of any quality or bitrate. You can save time in your studio by simply uploading the high-quality track into Jammed once and letting us do the rest. For every file you upload, we transcode a new compressed version that you can share with your customers to preview online.

Automatic transcoding and track splitting

If you’re thinking you’ll be sharing one long file or several randomly split files of your customer’s entire recording session then worry not. Jammed software and artificial intelligence detect the start and end of each track through careful analysis. Multiple takes of the same song are split into different tracks, accounting for false starts, bumbled lyrics and all.

Transcoding and track splitting are usually completed in just a few minutes from the audio being uploaded. Only very high quality or extremely large files take longer.

This automated process leaves you with the finished, professionally prepared product to send to your satisfied customer who can then easily listen back to their whole session in navigable chunks to help them identify the best take of the session.

Sharing audio files with your customer

Sharing audio files with your customer is just as easy as uploading them. Simply go to the uploaded recordings on Jammed and click the ‘Share now’ button above the file you want to share. Jammed then sends an email to the relevant customer containing a link to the Jammed media player.

Each link generated takes the user to a secret page within Jammed that cannot be searched for or predicted, leaving only those with the link able to listen to the content. This means your customer can easily share the link with other band members, but other random Jammed users cannot access the audio files.

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