Bookable staff members

Boost your studio appeal by offering time with freelance specialists and staff members

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Give customers even more reasons to keep coming back by offering bookable time with specialist freelancers and studio staff. Simply add it to your offering on the Jammed app for customers to choose an available specialist when making their studio booking online.

It’s a great way to increase revenue, offer more to your customers and make use of your staff’s skills. And it’s all automated via the Jammed app – from availability checks, booking and calendar sync to payment – making it easy to manage too.

On-hand experts

Customers can simply choose which professional they want to book from the ones offered by your studio – sound engineer, vocal coach, producer etc. – and add them to their booking. Jammed will only allow staff to be booked if they are available at the requested time.

If you want to check staff availability or only assign a member of staff to a booking on the day, you can manually add them after the booking has been made. This flexibility also allows you to pre-assign staff to certain bookings to make sure the right expert is available at the right time, or if they are only periodically available.

Once a member of staff or freelancer has been booked, they will receive a calendar invitation via email allowing each booking to appear in their own calendar so that they don’t miss a session.

Managing staff availability

Your studio staff can set their availability for each day of the week. Before making a booking, Jammed checks their calendar to ensure they are available and avoid double-booking. Each booking made through Jammed is automatically managed through a series of calendar updates and emails to ensure nobody missing a booking.

If a member of staff is unable to make an appointment assigned to them, you can reassign and edit the booking via the Jammed dashboard.

Setting costs and taking payment

Charges for bookable staff time can be free, set per hour or per booking. All taxes and fees are calculated by the Jammed app so that the final cost is clear to the customer prior to confirming the booking and making payment.

If booking staff online, payment is taken upfront or, if you make a booking manually, you can take payment before or after the session.

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