Studio automation with Zapier

Integrate Jammed with thousands of other apps to streamline your studio

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Zapier is a product that allows you to integrate Jammed with over 5,000 different apps, helping you to automate most aspects of your workflow. Jammed can integrate with any system you can think of to help you run your business as smoothly as possible, from mailing list management to light switches.

Here are just a handful of possible integrations to streamline your business processes.

Example 1: Mailchimp

Connecting Jammed to Mailchimp via Zapier will allow you to add any new and consenting customers to your studio’s mailing list. This will then automatically build up your customer email database to increase the reach of your promotions and marketing campaigns.

Example 2: Google Sheets

If you wanted a way to filter and sort bookings made on Jammed, you can connect the app to Google Sheets. For each new booking, a new row can be populated in a spreadsheet, leaving you with all the raw data you need to create graphs and reports.

Example 3: Philips Hue

If you really want to be fancy, you can activate studio lighting with the Philips Hue voice or app controls. Turning on an indoor light only when a studio is in use will save energy and money. To do this, connect your Philips Hue to Zapier, and then get it to listen out for “booking.started” to turn lights on, and “booking.finished” to turn them off (maybe add a slight delay!).

Custom integrations

As well as connecting Jammed with third party apps via Zapier, we also offer each subscriber access to a full application programming interface (API). This means you or your web developer can customise the Jammed app by programmatically viewing, editing, creating and deleting Jammed content via custom scripts to suit your business needs. For example, you could write a script that sends all new customers a voucher as a sign-up bonus.

We’re always looking for ways to expand our API, so if you have any requests for data that’s not already covered, drop us an email.

In addition to Jammed API, we can use webhooks to inform you when a change happens (e.g. when a booking is changed or cancelled), so instead of constantly polling our server for updates, you just get told when they happen - saving your server and ours time and energy.

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