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Jammed Pro

Your professional studio. Amplified.

Your professional studio. Amplified.

Our app, your domain

With Jammed Pro, you and your clients get all the benefits of the Jammed booking system without ever leaving your website. Customers simply click through to your studio booking page, quietly powered by Jammed, via an extension of your own domain. No interruption. No security warnings. Just a speedy, smooth, super secure transition from your landing page to our studio booking software.

Your customers will never know.

But what you should know is that Jammed can do all this for two custom domains linked to your Jammed account. So if you have multiple locations or a couple of studios each with their own domains, let Jammed get on with it, while you get on with running your studio.

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Our app, your brand

Worried your customers will see our branding all over your studio’s booking pages and related forms and emails? Fear not. Jammed Pro subscribers can remove our branding from all customer-facing webpages and communications.

Any forms, emails and webpages powered by Jammed can be customized with your logo, text and branding to ensure your studio’s brand identity is up front and centre.

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Your app, our help

When it’s time for you to start using Jammed, you and your staff will notice a few changes in how your studio operates. You’ll have more time for starters! And, of course, your customers will need to know about the changes too.

To help you make the transition, we offer our expert guidance and industry know-how from years of working with studios just like yours to create a launch plan. This might include helping you roll out pricing and operational changes, and marketing to your customers to let them know about the new system.

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Massive 10TB for audio uploads

Jammed Pro gives you 100 times the audio storage capacity of your standard Jammed subscription. A massive 10TB are available for uploading and sharing audio with your customers. This means you not only have stacks more audio storage capacity, but can also upload and share larger files

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Jammed Pro

Your professional studio. Amplified.

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