Better Search

We've spent some time making search in Jammed better and more usable

A shorter update this week - we've been working to replace some of the old search and filtering code Jammed had for customers, bands and bookings - and I've got it to a point that it's good to go. A few of you may have noticed that bands & customers disappeared, and this fixes that. This work has only been made possible because of the new host and the downtime last weekend

It gives you more power to sort and search for bands, customers and old bookings - as well as being able to filter down to find the one you need.

Customising Jammed

We're slowly adding more possibilities to customise the language and behaviour of the customer booking pages - including what a 'band' or 'customer' is called (maybe it's 'group' and 'artist'?) and adding more choices around when emails get sent - more will be on this next week, but will update you again once it's ready

Payment requests

Payment requests are now live for all studios - thank you to those who helped us with testing.

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