Cambia los extras y el personal que ofreces en actividades y estudios

Hoy se están agregando algunos cambios importantes sobre cómo ofrecer extras y personal a los clientes que reservan en línea.

Activity and room changes

Some big changes are being added today around how you can offer extras and staff to customers booking online.

Before, you could only offer extras and staff to all rooms or for none. This led to a lot of requests for the ability to offer extras and staff to only some studios and not others. The same is true for booking activities as well, where the same studio space is used differently - the extras and staff you offer can be different.

Extras and staff for only some rooms

This is now possile! To change this, head to the extras and staff settings pages and you will see new options to select which rooms you want to offer the extra or staff member to.

Extras and staff for certain booking activities

This same flexibility is also now an option for booking activities. You can now offer extras and staff to only certain booking activities in the same way as rooms. So you can offer drum kit breakables and cymbal hire at a reduced rate for 'solo drummer' sessions, and then offer a sound engineer and more expensive backline extras for 'band rehearsal' sessions. The options here are now much more flexible, to suit how each studio wants to operate.

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