Invoices and payment requests

Ask your customers to pay you money.

Along with online payments for bookings at the time of reservation, Jammed also supports sending customers invoices through Payment Requests. Each request can be linked to unpaid bookings, or the line items can be completely custom - we’ll explain a few scenarios here:

Booking additions on the day

Your customer has booked in with you online, but the drummer (it’s always the drummer) has forgotten to bring sticks with them and no one has a card. Instead of noting this down somewhere to be forgotten, or a ‘promise I’ll pay you!’ - you can add the additional Extra to the booking & request the payment via a payment request.

The customer will get an email from Jammed asking them to pay the amount - they then click on the link & can pay via Stripe or Square payments.

Large invoices

Another scenario particularly for recording studios is for a group to rent time in a room over a longer period of time, typically a week or more. Instead of them making a booking for each day online, you can create one booking in Jammed that covers the whole time & send them a request to pay this amount. As a studio owner, you can then choose the amount that’s due - we estimate it based on the time and setup prices, but you can change it to lower or higher amounts to suit your business.

These larger invoices also can be given longer terms, or (if you are using Stripe) you can offer Klarna or Afterpay to your customers to stagger the repayment of the booking amount.

Sales taxes and business invoicing

Jammed also feature fully compliant invoices to send to other business customers. A key example here is a band that has management, doesn’t pay upfront for bookings, and needs the VAT receipts.

You can set this customer up in Jammed and send them payment requests each month (for example) - the band management recieves the email, and then the payment request is then paid for. On the email receipt for payment contains your studio’s legal company name and number, as well as any local tax IDs, like UK VAT number or DUNS numbers.

Bank transfer and manual payments

Jammed also offers to setup a completely offline payment, in combination with any of the scenarios above.

Perhaps if you are asking for a large invoice to be paid, you can save on payment transaction fees by just providing your raw bank details to the customer. They see these details instead of the payment link back to Jammed, and so provides for customisability in terms of how you receive these payments.

The only difference with manual payments is that the reconciliation of the invoice can’t be done by Jammed and so is a manual process by you.

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