Politique de durabilité

Protéger l'environnement et cultiver Jammed de manière durable

Jammed is powered by 100% renewable energy

The company behind Jammed prides itself in leading the way in using 100% sustainable power sources to provide all of our services. We host the application servers, databases and other infrastructure in renewable energy datacentres in London, UK. All of the staff and equipment in offices are also fuelled by 100% renewable energy. We believe that this is a huge step forward in the sustainability of our business.

Renewable energy provides a sustainable and renewable source of energy. Jammed as a company runs on servers in the United Kingdom that completely run on renewable sources. Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, hydroelectric, and geothermal power generation.

Datacenters globally are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main contributors to global warming. Jammed is has made a significant effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that we emit.

This power source will be sourced from sustainable sources located near to the data centres where these servers are located in London, meaning there will be minimal environmental impact on the natural environment as well as being much more cost-effective than other types of power sources such as coal, oil or natural gas.

Further reading

Carbon negative by 2023

Further to the sustainability policy, we are committed to carbon negative by 2023. This means that we will reduce our carbon footprint even further and begin to offset any we can't remove by 2023. These projects will include the following: tree planting, carbon capture projects, investments in renewable energy, and the removal of fossil fuels from our business operations. We are already working on these projects and will be updating this document as we progress.

Non-profits, charities and universities

Also key in our sustainability policy is the promotion and belief in non-profits, charities and universities. We are committed to providing these organisations with the best possible service at discounted rates, to ensure that they are able to continue to provide the best possible service to their customers.

Last updated: 29 mai 2022