Sobre Jammed

Jammed é a plataforma de reservas online que alimenta estúdios independentes e salas de ensaio

Our Story

Jammed was founded in 2018 by software engineer and musician Andy Callaghan after he noticed a clear gap in the market based on his own experience booking studio space for his band Albany/Buffalo.

After playing and recording with the band for five years, Andy realised that rehearsal and recording studios spend a lot of their time manually managing room bookings and cancellations through email and over the phone.

The studio owners who Andy spoke to said they were frustrated by the amount of time they spent chasing people, confirming bookings and taking payments, so he built a software solution that took this work off their plate.

After close co-creation with friendly independent studios, Jammed was launched in 2019. Since then, the platform has grown to help studios and rehearsal rooms across the UK, Australia, US and New Zealand.

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Our Values

Giving back

We believe in investing in the grassroots music industry, so Jammed offers a 15% discount to non-profits, charitable institutions and universities.

Keeping your data secure

Jammed has been developed to industry leading security standards to ensure your data is secure. The platform is also hosted in the EU.

Privacy at the core

We don't sell or share your customer's data with anyone else, period. Jammed also strives to own all the data it uses, and doesn't use third-party tracking and analytics platforms (goodbye cookie banners!).

Built by the community, for the community

Jammed has actively collaborated with studio and rehearsal room owners to create a platform that works for their needs. Andy also continues to work closely with the community to add new features and functionalities.

Our Technology

As an experienced software developer, Andy has worked at many startups and early stage companies in London, Liverpool and Leeds.

Jammed is built using the latest web technologies that provide lightning fast performance and robust security.

The platform also has an innovative payments system which integrates with Stripe or Square. This ensures that payments can be taken in any country and are compliant with local regulations.

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