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Jammed no painel do administrador congestionado e paletas compatíveis com daltônicos

So we got a lot of feedback about the dashboard and this week we spent a while improving a few key things in the admin dashboard.

Creating bookings

The biggest change to the dashboard is that now when you create a booking it’ll bring you back to that day in the calendar - this was requested quite a few times(!) as I’m sure it was pretty annoying having to find the day each time if you were adding many bookings.

Dashboard preferences

We have also added two preference settings to the dashboard: vertical sizing and colour blind friendly palettes.

Vertical sizing

You now have the choice on how long the booking page is when you’re viewing it - you can choose a setting that’s best for your screen (or your eyes!) and it’ll remember the setting. The blocks will still be in the same order, just extended down a bit more or a bit less depending on what you choose.

For some studios that are only open say 1pm-11pm, you can opt for a large size to then fill more of the screen space with the bookings you have - and equally if you have a 24 hour studio you can tweak it smaller.

Colour blind friendly palette

Colour blindness affects almost 3% of the world’s population, and we want to help these people see the room block colours better. You can currently customise the room colours that appear on the dashboard, but now you have the option for Jammed to just use easy-to-see colour blocks if you are red-blue colour blind. These block colours have been specifically chosen to be easier to differentiate if you have trouble seeing colours, and should make the dashboard easier for you to use.

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