Funcionários reserváveis

Turbine seu estúdio e sua lucratividade oferecendo reservas a membros da equipe e especialistas autônomos.

Supercharge your studio and your profitability by offering staff members and freelance specialists with bookings.

When customer book online they can be given the choice of available staff members. Group and artists are then able to book a producer or sound engineer for their time with you. Maybe you could offer staff members to help load, setup and unload, or perhaps you could offer the services of freelance photographers or videographers to capture their practice, rehearsal or session.

Payment is all handled up-front and your staff members availability is handled automatically. This has been a widely requested feature, particularly in the USA and Canada, where this practice is more common.

Offering staff members for bookings

Alongside offering space and additional equipment rental, Jammed now allows you to offer time with your staff members. Your customers can pick which staff member they want when booking, and the payment is all handle up front with the booking. You can choose and pre-assign staff to certain bookings when making bookings manually as well, so custom and special bookings can be handled by the right people in your studio. As an admin, you can see which staff members are assigned to which bookings, and reassign them easily.

As staff are booked by customers online, they are sent email calendar invites so they can sync their personal calendars with when they are due on a job.

Handling staff availability

By default, none of your staff are bookable. If you want a staff member to be bookable, you have the option to, alongside extra information like their job title, and a picture of them, so that customers know who they are booking.

Availability can be set out for days of the week, and Jammed also checks to make sure that they are not already busy at the booking time, meaning you can be sure that your staff members are not double booked.

Jammed then sends out an email calendar invite to your staff members when they are booked, so they can keep track of their bookings on their own personal calendar. If a staff member can't make an appointment assigned to them, you can reassign them by editing the booking and picking from another available staff member.

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