Sincronização do calendário do Google e manutenção planejada

Sincronize seus Google Calendars com Jammed para notificações instantâneas sobre novos agendamentos

Google calendar sync (almost!)

Jammed is now ready to sync with Google Calendar. You'll be able to set up one calendar for all bookings, or a different one for each room you have. This means that bookings that get made by customers will instantly appear on your calendars, there's no waiting for their servers to update & it'll appear on your phone within 15-20 seconds of it being made online. Edits and cancellations to bookings on Jammed are also reflected by updating and deleting the events on Google. Nice.

This link is one-way however - so if you move or delete a booking event on Google, it won't change here on Jammed.

Finally, you can also change the notifications for each event that comes through as well - giving you much more control with that than before.

One snag... I'm currently just waiting for Emperor (Palpatine?) Google's thumbs-up approval for Jammed to use your data, I'll email again once it's ready to go (hopefully early next week).

Planned maintenance: Sun 20th Feb 1am GMT

Jammed is growing fast, so I need to move where we're currently residing. I do however need to take down the whole system in order to do so, check everything and then bring it back up. This will take up to 4 hours, but I'm hoping more like closer to 1 hour. I'll check to make sure beforehand that no customers are booking & will wait if they are.

The whole system will be down during this time - no bookings can be made, and the admin interface will be unavailable. Reminder emails that are due to be sent in that period will be done after, but there won't be many

All servers will still be in the UK, but you'll hopefully find this will be even faster than now. It'll also mean that I can scale to more studios & ultimately achieve world domination.

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