Você queria controles de pagamento somente para depósito. Nós trazemos-lhe muito mais…

Atualização Jammed traz mais controles de pagamento para clientes satisfeitos

Deposit-only bookings are go!

The latest update to the Jammed studio booking app means that customers of the creative spaces we support can now book a room online by paying only a deposit to secure their reservation.

This is great news for all you studio owners who requested the change and a relief for your regulars who want to pay a little upfront and the rest on the day.

But that’s not all we’ve done. We threw in a few extras to make our customers’ smiles even wider.

Why have 1 when you can have 4 flexible payment controls with Jammed?

When it comes to payment controls, the choice is yours. Now when you visit the Jammed app payment set-up page, you will be greeted by the following options:

  • With a deposit only – This means you choose what percentage of the total fee your customer pays as a deposit upfront online to secure the booking. Jammed will then prompt you to ask them for the remainder by card or cash when they arrive for their session.
  • With the full payment – With this option, Jammed will ask your customers to make the full payment online at the time of booking.
  • With no payment – This option works well if you just want to use Jammed as a reservation-only service, where customers make no payment when booking online then pay in full on the day.
  • With choice to pay now or on arrival – This is the most flexible option and leaves it up to your customer to choose whether to pay online when booking or in person before their session.

Everybody happy!

This latest update means you and your customers can take full control over booking payments and will see your bookings get Jammed!

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