Solicitações de pagamento e faturas

Envie solicitações de dinheiro aos clientes e veja tudo em um só lugar

Payment requests

The biggest change to Jammed for a little while... you'll soon be able to send invoices and payment requests to customers for any amount of money.

This is to plug a gap where a customer takes a recording over mulitple days, and so negotiates better terms, for when you rent out a dance studio long term, and just charge a fixed rate per month, or for if you have a business like a music exam board that rents out three rooms over a few weeks & needs the VAT invoice...

Charging a customer

Payment requests can be sent to customers, you can't send them to bands or groups. To raise a payment request, find the customer details page of the customer you want to charge, and click on the 'New Payment Request' button. You'll be taken to a form where you can enter the line items you are charging, and the reason for the payment, as well as an internal reference. You can also add a note to the payment request, which will be visible to the customer.

The email to the customer looks like this:

Payment reminder emails

We send up to 5 'reminder' (nagging?) emails to customers to get them to pay. You'll see if they have opened the email, clicked the link and whether they have tried to pay. If they haven't yet paid, we'll send them another email, up until the due date. If they have paid, we'll send them a final email confirming the payment. If the payment is late, we'll send them a final email, and we'll send the studio admin an email and add a notification so it's flagged up.

This is the first stage of this system, and availble to beta test now.

VAT / tax IDs

It's a legal requirement in the UK to show VAT numbers on invoices if you are registered - and this is a pretty much universal standard across the world in different territories. So you can now add your 'Tax ID' to all reciepts and payment request invoices. Along with this, you can also show a different 'Legal company name' if that happens to be different to the studio name, for the same reasons. You can find both in the payment settings.

Offline payment

Some studios have expressed an interest in bypassing Stripe and Square, and just asking for bank transfers from their customers, in an effort to not lose money on payment fees. With a payment request, you can of course set it to take payment via Stripe or Square, but you can also just show customers some text (maybe your bank account details) and we leave reconcilliation

Next steps

One big thing this will help with is failed payments - a booking is made & paid for, but for whatever reason the payment fails at a later date. Jammed shows these to you at the moment, but to help you more, we're going to send customers a 'Your payment has failed' email automatically, so they can retry the booking payment.

We plan to allow automatic billing of customers. They will be able to register & reserve any room for free at the time, but then it get totalled up by Jammed at the end of each month and we send & collect the money for you.

These will be coming later this year.

Have a great rest of your Thursday!

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