Jammed Case studies

20th Street Studios

When 20th Street Studios found the perfect home for their new photography studio, all they needed was the ideal booking app to bring it all together

Emily Broadbent’s dreams came true when she opened a lifestyle photography studio in Missouri where creatives can get a fresh in-home or at-the-office look for their clients in a beautiful, bright old firehouse.

Taking bookings was a laborious process before Jammed

20th Street Studios used to rely on emails to handle cancellations and rescheduling because their clients weren’t able to manage their own bookings. It was frustrating for the studio manager and for clients.

…endless back-and-forth emails… Talk about exhausting!

Emily Broadbent - 20th Street Studios

The Jammed booking app gives them what they need

There were no other platforms designed specifically for studio space rentals, so Emily and her team really appreciate all the made-to-measure features the Jammed booking system provides.

It gives clients control over their bookings via a sleek and straightforward management system, tailor-made to give the client and the studio team what they need – flexible, customizable, real-time bookings with none of the stress.

Jammed provides everything studio owners need to ensure their clients have a positive experience

Emily Broadbent - 20th Street Studios

The studio is reaping the benefits of an efficient booking system

The high-end functionality and information Jammed offers in terms of booking rooms and equipment, and managing cancellations and refunds means that the studio team save a lot of time and are finding they’re free to be productive and creative elsewhere.

... and since Jammed can link directly with Stripe, refunds etc are all automated. Incredible!

Emily Broadbent - 20th Street Studios

Jammed setup, onboarding and support are “top notch” too

Emily found the setup process very straightforward – with a few simple clicks, she was sorted. If she had any questions, Andy and his team was on hand and very quick to respond.

He [Andy] was even able to add in some customizations for us and educate us on how to tailor things specific to our clientele/needs… The support from Jammed was top notch. We are very pleased.

Emily Broadbent - 20th Street Studios