CapsaArx Studios

How CapsaArx studios are using tiered pricing within Jammed
December 13, 2021

CapsaArx Studios

CapsaArx is a rehearsal and recording studio in Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK. It has a live rehearsal room, recording studio and a photography studio

CapsaArx was setup 5 years ago by four band friends, who all work as lecturers at ACM in Birmingham. It also offers guidance with artists management and coaching and career development, branding and marketing to independent artists

CapsaArx Studios website

The problem

Amie Chatterley, runs CapsaArx Studios with three friends, found Jammed online and requested a demo of the app. The main issue that she faced as a developer, was integrating the app with the studio's current website that runs on Wordpress. So at Jammed we came up with a solution that would allow the studio to add the Jammed booking app directly to their website with a widget.

A system designed for rehearsal rooms

Jammed is built from scratch for rehearsal rooms to take online bookings.

CapsaArx didn't have a booking platform prior to using Jammed, so teamed with us to develop a platform that would work for them. Customers are able to find an available time directly on the CapsaArx website, and then pay for the booking in minutes.

Jammed is now specifically tailored to the unique needs of rehearsal and recording studios.

Tiered pricing for the Live Room

CapsaArx have a live rehearsal and recording room that is booked by customers for varying lengths of time. The studio offers the room at staggered rates during the day - the longer the booking is, the less expensive per hour it is. The studio also offers an hourly rate, a 2-hourly and 3-hourly rate, and a full day rate.

With Jammed they were able to setup a booking system that would allow customers to book the room directly from the website and have the correct price offered at each of the start and end times for the booking. This was a huge win for the studio, as it was always able to offer the most competitive rates to the customers.

Mini booking app

CaspaArx wanted to integrate the booking system with their Wordpress website, so Jammed developed a mini booking app that would allow customers to book the studio directly from the website. It's as simple as dropping a piece of code into the website, and the booking system will appear to the customers on that page.

Find out more about the Jammed Mini Booking App, a simple customisable booking widget for your website.

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