Jammed Case studies

Creative Street Studio

Creative Street Studio wanted an easy-to-use, affordable booking system that looked the part – Jammed ticked all the boxes

Taking bookings was stressful and time-consuming before Jammed

Marieke was looking for a studio booking app to help her run her creative spaces smoothly and reliably to take the stress out of the booking process

Before Jammed, I did not have a booking system. It was just able to send out an invoice and they'd pay me, but then I might have to chase them… or they'd want to pay on the day [of their booking] and it wasn't feasible for me. An unnecessary load of stress.

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio

Other booking apps were expensive and not as flexible

The solution needed to be flexible enough to allow her customers to book exactly what they wanted online - one room, two rooms, one hour, the whole day - and it had to be good value for money. She was pleased to find Jammed not only did all of that, but also fit with her brand aesthetic, which was important to her too.

Lots of booking systems were just confusing or not made for what we've got. Jammed was really suitable. It's easy to use, easy to link to the website… We were hunting down for a really good one, something that wasn't expensive, but also we want it to not look boring and I think we wanted to make sure that the app worked with our brand. Jammed is really eye-catching as well.

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio

Jammed is saving on management time and helping to reduce costs

We now just say 'go to the website to book' and it's easy and done. It saves time - time is money literally

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio

Creative Street no longer need someone to handle bookings, freeing up their time to manage the space. They use Square for taking booking payments with Jammed and have been pleased with how easily this system has worked for them and how many customers are already familiar with it.

Bookings are on the up

Having a booking app that is quick and intuitive to use has helped Creative Street increase their customer base. More people are booking and more are coming back.

Before, we had a 'book now' button but they had to email us first. The website design is better and it's now just ‘book now' - they actually get to book it online straight away. So it definitely has increased our customers. It's also much easier for people who've never booked on a website before or those who are quite new to this whole booking a studio. So in that sense we get many more customers because it's just easy to book

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio

Jammed delivers clear and timely customer support

Marieke was relieved to receive such good customer service from Jammed when setting up the app and learning the ropes. It didn't matter what time of day she needed help, Jammed was there with advice and support that was helpful and easy to understand.

Amazing. Amazing! Andy is amazing! No, but seriously, it really really helped because we are obviously not into tech. So with our emails and all my questions, it was clear the way you guys were answering. It's clear. It's done. So yeah, incredibly incredibly great customer service, spot on.

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio

Creative Studios recommends Jammed, “1,000 times, yes!”

Marieke seems impressed 😊

Yes, obviously, yes. 1,000 times yes! Absolutely. We're already talking about you to a few other studios that have asked.

Marieke Macklon - Creative Street Studio