On-Track Audio

On Track Audio found that no other booking software did what they needed until they discovered Jammed
January 17, 2023

On-Track Audio

Owned and managed by Ryan Bailey, On Track Audio is a small but sleek recording studio and rehearsal space in Barnstaple, North Devon with lots to offer its local musical talent.

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The old booking system relied too much on trust

With no deposit or full payments taken in advance with the old manual booking system, Ryan had to trust that bands would pay on arrival, but often found they’d not bring enough cash or would cancel at short notice. Neither of which is good for business.

Payments are now taken upfront online and there are a lot fewer cancellations. Win win!

Jammed has streamlined On Track Audio’s booking system, saving time and money

Before Jammed, Ryan was handling all bookings manually and was constantly on the phone or answering emails. But he no longer has to spend his days taking bookings, dealing with cancellations or equipment hire.

Bookings are up and Ryan is not looking back

Ryan had checked out several other booking software solutions, but none were geared towards the specific requirements of a music studio and rehearsal space.

Since signing up to Jammed, On Track Audio’s customer base has widened and they’re taking more bookings, largely thanks to the ease and speed with which clients can make a booking in their own time from anywhere.

Jammed customer service is “second to none”

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