Our Online Booking Features

How Jammed will help your music studio succeed

Real-time scheduling

Take bookings from your customers. 24/7, 7 days a week

Instant online booking

Book online using a Visa, Mastercard,
American Express, Apple Pay and Android Pay

A unique booking page that's optimised for mobiles & tablets,
so your customers can book easily

card-amex icon card-mastercard icon card-visa icon card-apple icon

Email & SMS notifications

Cut down on no-shows and forgotten practices

Notify and remind your customers that book with you,
furthering your studio's brand presence

Calendar sync

Sync the booking page with all your staff phones
to avoid scheduling or setup problems

As bookings are made online or in person,
they appear instantly on everyone's calendar

Email lists

Keep your customers informed by using their email
for marketing, holidays, discounts, and more

All of the user's bookings and payments
are all collected on one screen

Automatic tax rates

Let Jammed handle the the VAT, sales tax
or service tax that applies to your bookings

Generate revenue reports and
export them as CSV with a button click

Host your website with us for free

Paying for a Wix, Squarespace or GoDaddy website?
Host your website with us, free of charge

We can help you move your existing website, as part of the setup

Block-out holidays & maintenance

Pause taking new bookings for a block of time in one form

Future proof

Unlimited rooms, unlimited staff, unlimited customers - all at no extra cost

Custom features

We can create a feature you want in Jammed, just for you

Happy customers

Retain your customer base to improve revenue and customer reviews

Book from anywhere, anytime

No awkward emails, no missed phone calls.
Your studio can be booked 24/7, on any device

Regular bookings

Schedule your band's slots for months ahead,
and easily cancel them online

Pay for monthly band practices
using Direct Debit (coming soon)

Customer portal

Giving your customers control over their data is important

With Jammed, your customers can cancel bookings
and amend their details online