Jammed Online Booking Features

Get more from your bookings with these valuable features

Here's how Jammed can help your business, your team and your customers

For your studio

Admin features to help you run your business

Easy admin – calendar and dashboard

You’ll no longer have to deal with phone call enquiries or full inboxes of requests for studio time. The Jammed online booking system takes bookings in an instant. It’s easy to navigate, fast and reliable with only the available times shown, leaving you to focus on your studio.

All of your bookings can be viewed at a glance in the app calendar where you can see each studio’s slots for a given day, make and edit bookings, and check whether customers have paid.

Any changes to bookings can be quickly updated by dragging and resizing booked blocks to another room or time slot.

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Easy extras - rentals

Unlike other booking apps out there that only allow blocks of time to be reserved, Jammed is designed to make every aspect of studio management easier and more efficient, including renting out extras as part of room bookings.

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Studio automation with Zapier

Jammed can not only automate your studio booking service, we can also integrate our app with thousands of others to help you sync up with anything from accountancy software and mailing lists to CCTV cameras and door locks. And we can do all this for you with Zapier. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t!

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Invoicing and chasing payments

For one-off, last minute or larger payments, Jammed has got you covered

Most of your online booking fees will be paid at the time of reservation, but Jammed also offers a fast and efficient invoicing system for any ad-hoc, last minute or longer term payments.

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Automatic tax rates

The Jammed app will not only handle customer-facing services for you, but will ease the load of running a business too. It can calculate the VAT, sales tax and service tax applicable to your bookings and generate the relevant revenue reports. It can also export these reports as CSV files for your records.

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For you & your team

Admin features to help you and your team

Bookable staff members

We’ve added another great feature to our app at no extra cost to you. Now you can supercharge your studio bookings by offering time slots with freelance specialists and staff members to let your customers get even more out of their studio time.

When booking through Jammed, customers can reserve time with any specialist you can offer – photographer, videographer, sound engineer, producer etc.

As with any bookable extras, payment can be taken upfront and staff availability is checked and recorded automatically via the dashboard calendar.

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Booking activites

Open up your offering and diversify your income by letting customers choose what they use a room for when they book. If your studio space can accommodate anything from recording and rehearsing to yoga and photography, set a rate for each and let your customer decide!

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For your customers

Easy booking options for your customers

Instant online booking

Optimised for mobiles and tablets, this unique online booking page allows your customers to book studio time on the go in an instant.

With bookable extras, real-time calendar availability and automatic payment, instant online booking is fast and intuitive for your customers and leaves you time to grow your business.

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Regular time slots

For customers who want a regular rehearsal or recording space, bands can book several time slots for the coming weeks and months in advance to ensure they won’t be disappointed. Bookings can easily be altered or edited online if their plans change.

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Customer portal

Giving your customers control over their data is important.

With Jammed, your customers can cancel bookings
and amend their details online

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Customer notifications

Cut down on no-shows and forgotten bookings with our automated email reminders and notifications. Your clients will receive an email to confirm their booking details and a further reminder nearer the time of their reservation. This not only helps to ensure everyone shows up when they should, but also reinforces your studio’s brand presence.

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Audio upload & sharing platform

Store and share recordings with customers online

100GB of free storage space, enough for around 12,000 hours of MP3 audio

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