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Privately store and share music recordings with performers online.

Jammed offers a unique and exciting way to share audio with your customers. You can use this feature really for any kind of audio you want, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for rehearsal recordings, or masters.

We offer the audio uploading feature to all studios on Jammed - and it’s included by standard in the subscription, just a pay as you go rolling contract if you go over the free amount of storage.

100GB free to all subscribers

At Jammed we believe in helping music studios in every way we can to help you serve your customers. This is why audio uploading and sharing is free to all customers - there’s no additional payment for a generous 100GB of audio uploaded. This is enough for 7000 hours of MP3 audio stored and shared with your customers.

If you get close to this soft limit we’ll let you know. You then have a few options - either pay £1/10GB over this limit, or delete older recordings & keep going under the 100GB limit.

Uploading to a booking

To upload audio for a customer, head to the booking that the audio relates to, typically, when the audio was recorded in your studio. You can upload MP3, FLAC, WAV or M4A files to Jammed, of any quality or bitrate - for every file you upload we transcode a new version that’s suitable for your customers to preview online.

Save time in your studio by just uploading the high quality track into Jammed once, and then let us handle the rest.

Automatic transcoding and track splitting

Jammed analyses the uploaded audio and uses artificial intelligence to detect where the tracks start and end. Typically, if you’re uploading a rehearsal recording the artists performing will repeat and go over the same song in multiple takes. Jammed detects these as different tracks, so makes it easy for the performer to listen back and find the best take of the night.

The transcoding and track splitting process usually takes a few minutes after the audio has been uploaded. It can however take up to an hour for very long tracks, or if the uploaded file is very high quality and large in size.

Sharing with a customer

To share the uploaded and prepared tracks with your customer, you just have to click the ‘Share now’ button above the recordings uploaded. Jammed then sends out an email to the customer with a link back to the Jammed audio player.

Customer media player

When the customer clicks the link in the email, they get send to a secret page within Jammed, one only they can see with that link. They can still send this link to other people (like other band members), similar to how on Youtube you can upload videos as ‘unlisted’ but the just need the link to it to view - the link to the customer audio is unlisted and unguessable - but with the link anyone can listen to the audio.

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