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Jammed booking system is easy and intuitive. It has all you need, at a glance

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The Jammed calendar and dashboard have been designed specifically for music studios to help you manage your room bookings quickly and efficiently, in a way that just makes sense. Our flexible, intuitive system saves you time and effort, and takes the hassle out of bookings management leaving you time to focus on your studio.

The central calendar shows you all the bookings we’ve taken for you, including details of the performer/band, room, time and payment status, giving you all the information you need at a glance.

Making a booking

Jammed offers several ways of making bookings for both you and your customer. To book a room using the main calendar, simply drag the mouse over the available slot and a draft booking block will appear in its place. All you do then is check the time and room are correct, then click ‘Create’. A pop-up will appear to which you can add the specifics – performer name, extras hire etc. Once the details are added, a total cost will be calculated and the reservation made when you click ‘Create booking’. The system will send an email to the customer to confirm booking details if the ‘email’ box is ticked.

Editing a booking

Changing bookings is just as straightforward. No need to re-enter time slots or other details in a form, simply drag and resize the reservation block in the calendar to the new date, time or room and the changes will be made automatically with a click on ‘Save edits’.

After making the necessary edits to the booking, just verify and confirm the changes you’ve made by clicking ‘Save changes’. This ensures that only one confirmation email is sent to the customer when more than one detail of the reservation is changed at once.

Studio notes

Studio notes are an easy and fast way to take down staff-only notes for each booking. These notes appear on the dashboard view and on the main booking page. Here's an example of Paul needing his rehearsal ciggies...

To edit a note, click the little pencil icon on the booking - a new dialog appears. Just type the note and click 'Save'. Done!

Day/week/month/year views

Another useful, highly intuitive feature of the Jammed calendar and dashboard are the view options. To view your bookings by the day, week or month, or over the year, all you need to do is click the relevant tab at the top of the calendar.

The default setting will show that day’s bookings in detail, while the week and month views show you a snapshot of each day with the amount of bookings. Just double click on a day to take you to the detailed view.

Navigation and functionality are simple: you can make and amend bookings in day or week view by dragging the available spaces. Scrolling across to different days and weeks allows you to see your bookings by room by the hour. You can also jump to a specific date by clicking on the date at the top of the dashboard. Click on the day you want in the pop-up calendar and Jammed will take you there.

Customizing your dashboard

We love customizability here at Jammed, as well as making a dashboard that suits everyone. That's why you can customize the vertical sizing and color palettes used on the dashboard.

Vertical sizing

You have the choice on how long the booking page is when you’re viewing it - you can choose a setting that’s best for your screen (or your eyes!) and it’ll remember the setting. The blocks will still be in the same order, just extended down a bit more or a bit less depending on what you choose.

For some studios that are only open say 1pm-11pm, you can opt for a large size to then fill more of the screen space with the bookings you have - and equally if you have a 24 hour studio you can tweak it smaller.

Colour blindness friendly mode

Colour blindness affects almost 3% of the world’s population, and we want to help these people see the room block colours better. You can currently customise the room colours that appear on the dashboard, but now you have the option for Jammed to just use easy-to-see colour blocks if you are red-blue colour blind.

These block colours have been specifically chosen to be easier to differentiate if you have trouble seeing colours, and should make the dashboard easier for you to use.

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