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Unlike other booking apps out there that only allow blocks of time to be reserved, Jammed is designed to make every aspect of studio management easier and more efficient, including renting out extras as part of room bookings.

You’ll no longer have to find the time to keep separate records or send additional invoices for equipment you hire. With Jammed, your customers can add any extras – from bass guitars, keyboards and breakables, to amps, cables and microphones – to their room booking with a click. They simply choose from the list of extras your studio offers and the price is added to their total.

The details of equipment hire are then added to the room booking calendar entry, so that studio staff can make the right equipment ready and available for each session.

Special equipment – custom rentals

You might have rare and expensive equipment that you only want to hire to customers you know and trust. Jammed allows you to make special kit available on request, letting you approve the hire before adding it to a customer booking.

Flexible hire costs

Jammed allows you to set the price for each piece of kit you rent out. You can either set a fixed cost (e.g. £30 to rent an amp) or per hour rate (e.g. £50/hr to hire a recording engineer) or you can set a minimum fixed cost and add an hourly rate on top. It’s flexible and customisable so that it works for your studio.

Jammed calculates the hire charges for each booking once the customer has chosen a time slot, so that they know in advance how much their whole session fee will be.

Stock and inventory control

Jammed shows you who has rented what and when to help you and your staff prepare the kit for each booking. So what happens when all four of your bass guitars have been booked out but another online booking requests one for that same morning? Jammed has got you covered.

When you set up your extras for hire on the app, you add your total stock for each item. Jammed will then keep track of equipment bookings and only offer items to customers if one is available at the requested time. This avoids disappointment for your customers and gives you a super efficient rental scheme.

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