How Jammed can help Recording studios succeed

Recording studios

If you hire out specialised facilities for the sole purpose of recording, mixing and producing music and vocals, you’re in the right place. Here’s how Jammed can help you take the stress out of running your business with our customisable recording studio booking software.

Invoicing and payments

While a lot of payments are dealt with automatically online at the time of booking, Jammed can also issue invoices for bands with management, for payments made from company accounts and for block bookings (to avoid separate transactions for each session). The system can handle requests for payment upfront or in arrears, and can reconcile invoiced items with each relevant booking.

24/7 room availability

Jammed can manage your bookings at any time, even if your studio spaces are available through the night or during odd hours that differ daily. You can rely on Jammed to only allow bookings within your opening times and to calculate the correct booking fee, based on flat rate or varying fees for day and night. Jammed can even accommodate minimum time rules for specific studios – e.g. 2 hour minimum hire for a DJ booth, 1 hour minimum hire for a podcast suite.

Audio upload and sharing platform

As part of the standard Jammed app purchase, you have access to 100GB of free storage space to privately store and share recordings with your customers online. That’s around 1,200 hours of MP3 audio capacity included in your subscription.

You can upload all types of tracks – pre-mixed, pre-mastered or finished recordings – for your customers to access their music for free. No need for additional cloud services or USB sticks, with Jammed your customers can listen to their tracks and play back old recordings on a professional-looking platform that’s branded to your studio. All part of the service.

Bookable staff members

Leave home studio set-ups and other studios trailing in your wake by upselling your bookings with hireable professional producers and sound engineers. Simply add it to your offering on the Jammed app for customers to choose an available specialist when making their booking online.

It’s a great way to increase revenue, offer more to your customers, give your studio a professional edge, and make use of your staff’s skills. And it’s all automated via the Jammed app – from availability checks, booking and calendar sync to payment – making it easy to manage too.

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