How Jammed can help Rehearsal Rooms succeed

Rehearsal Rooms

If you hire out soundproofed practice rooms for the sole purpose of making, practising and recording music, you’re in the right place. Here’s how Jammed can help you take the stress out of running your business with our customisable rehearsal room booking software.

Easy admin

Jammed offers you and your customer several ways of making bookings. They can quickly and easily book a slot online using the app, which then shows up instantly on your Jammed dashboard where you can view all of your room bookings for the day, week or month at a glance. You can easily edit slot times, days or rooms – simply drag/resize the old booking and drop it into the new slot. And for extra flexibility with those all-day bookings, or times when you need to make a studio unavailable for the day (while a thrash metal band do their thing in the adjoining studio, say) you can quickly block out entire days.

Easy extras

Jammed is designed to make every aspect of studio management easier and more efficient, including renting out extras alongside room bookings. Musicians can hire any equipment your studio offers (from bass guitars, keyboards and breakables, to amps, cables and microphones) by simply clicking on the extras available at the time of booking.

Jammed tracks equipment bookings for you so that customers can only hire kit that is available during their session. The hire cost is then added to the booking fee and paid upfront, so there’s no need to chase, take last-minute cash payments or IOUs. Studio staff can add or remove equipment bookings before, during and after sessions with payment requests sent directly to the customer for instant payment.

Invoicing and VAT

When handling bookings from businesses over several sessions (e.g. exam boards booking rooms for music exams), Jammed has got you covered. You can set it up to only invoice after the final session of a block of bookings, avoiding lots of smaller payment requests for each day or slot. You can add the legal company name and VAT/Sales Tax number to the invoice and the app will automatically calculate the taxes, so that the invoice acts as a tax receipt. It’s that simple.

Calendar sync

Jammed not only automatically updates your bookings calendar, it also allows you to sync individual Google Calendars with the Jammed dashboard. This sends your staff real-time booking information direct to their phones, without needing to log into the app, to help them plan their work days more efficiently.

For next-level efficiency and flexibility, you can create a separate calendar for each of your rooms, view all rooms in one calendar or a mixture of both. Whatever works for your set-up. You can then link each member of staff to the relevant calendar. This works well if you have specialist staff who only work in particular studios.

Bookable staff

You can now boost your studio appeal even more by offering time with freelance specialists and staff members through the Jammed app. While making their room booking, customers can simply click on the specialist they’d like assistance from. They can benefit from the expertise of any of the professionals you can offer – sound engineer, producer, vocal coach, photographer etc. Only those specialists available at the time of the session will be listed on the booking form, so nobody will be double booked or left disappointed. Payment can be taken upfront and staff calendars automatically updated via the dashboard.

Customer portal

The Jammed customer portal is super accessible, easy to navigate and saves you time by allowing your clients to view and amend their bookings and update their details online. Customers are given secure access to the portal via an email and password login, giving your clients the all-important tools they need to control their data and reservations. And you can control whether cancellations are accepted automatically, within a timeframe that you can set (e.g. 24-hr notice required), or you can turn off automated cancellations if you prefer to maintain manual control.

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