Automate your studio with Zapier

Integrate Jammed with thousands of third-party apps

Today Jammed launches our free Zapier integration. Zapier is a fantastic tool to help you integrate Jammed with any system you can think of. There are over 30,000 different applications on Zapier, and you can combine Jammed with any one of them to suit your business processes and requirements. It might help in your business plug the gaps where Jammed doesn’t quite fit (like accountancy systems, mailing lists, SMS reminders and others).

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Example 1: Mailchimp mailing list

You can connect Jammed to Mailchimp with Zapier, so that for each new booking you get, you can add a consenting customer to your studio’s Mailchimp mailing list. Each time we take a new guest booking for you, the customer is added into your list. This is then fully automated, and builds up a customer email database for you automatically while taking bookings on Jammed - neat!

Example 2: Google Sheets for each booking

If you wanted a way to filter and sort bookings being made on Jammed, you could connect a Google Sheets spreadsheet to Jammed. For each new booking that gets made, a new row can be added on to the sheet. You can then use this raw data for graphs and report

Example 3: Daily digest of email bookings

You can also setup a daily digest, so you get a run down of all the Jammed bookings made that day. It can be sent just to you, or a list of your staff you choose - helping to automate your studio.

Example 4: SMS reminder 1 hour before booking

We currently don’t have SMS sending in Jammed (we’re looking to add it ‘properly’ next year), but for those who want it now you can setup an account with ClickSend or Twilio and send an SMS to customers an hour before their booking.

Getting started with Zapier

To enable Zapier on your Jammed account, go to the Website Settings and at the bottom of the page enable it. Then create an account with Zapier, and search for ‘Jammed’. Back on the ‘Website Settings’ near the bottom of the page lists all the credentials you’ll need to link Jammed with Zapier. If you want a demo or a hand with it, just reply to this email & we can meet on a call to go through it.

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