Instant online booking

Optimised for mobiles and tablets, this unique online booking page allows your customers to book studio time on the go in an instant

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When customers book online with Jammed, we take care of everything. From equipment hire, variable room rates and bookable staff time, to automated payment and reminder emails, we’ve got you covered in a few clicks.

Instant payments

Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone, taking bookings in a scrappy notebook and hoping customers turn up and pay for their slot. With Jammed, the first you see of your customers is when they walk through your studio door, all paid up and ready to rock out!

In just a few clicks, your customers can book and pay for time, equipment and on-hand experts. Payments can be made using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Android Pay, and are taken in advance to help with cashflow and reduce no-shows.

How you choose to take payment is now fully flexible with Jammed, allowing you to accommodate customers who prefer to pay upfront online and those who would rather pay in person.

You can select from the following payment methods when setting up your Jammed app:

  • With the full payment – Selecting this option means your customers pay in full online at the time of booking. If your customer pays online via Stripe or Square, this is the default payment option.
  • With a deposit only – With this option, you choose what percentage of the overall booking price should be paid as a deposit to secure the reservation and the remainder is paid in person (card or cash) on the day. When a customer who has paid a deposit only arrives for their session, Jammed will tell you they need to pay the remainder.
  • With no payment – If you opt for this method, customers make no payment at the time of booking online and pay in full on the day. They use Jammed to make the reservation only.
  • With choice to pay now or on arrival – Selecting this option is the most flexible for you and your customers, as it allows the customer to choose whether to pay online when making the reservation or in person (card or cash) on the day.

Customisable questions

Avoid frequent email exchanges with the customer by setting questions on the booking page that ensure you get all the information you need, e.g. ‘How many microphones do you need?’, ‘Do you need a car parking space?’.

Real-time availability

Jammed only shows available time slots, as reservations are logged in the calendar at the time of booking. This avoids any possible double-bookings, missed availability and cancellation oversights.

Customisable opening times

When making a booking over midnight, Jammed can be set to register this as the same day to keep bookings simple. All you need to do is set your opening times in 24/7 and Jammed will know to start the next day at your opening hour, not at any time past midnight.

For help setting up opening times, see our support page.

Image carousel

Show off your studios, equipment and staff by including high-quality images of your offering on the booking page.

Email reminders

Jammed automatically sends confirmation emails to your customers at the time of booking and sends a further email before their session as a helpful reminder. Emails include a copy of the cancellation policy. More ways Jammed can help to reduce no-shows!

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