Powering independent studios and rehearsal rooms

Managing bookings and multiple spaces can be a hassle. Jammed takes away the pain with booking software designed specifically for independent studios, rehearsal rooms and recording spaces.

Recording Studios

Offer seamless equipment rental, take bookings for studio space online and ensure your artists can easily book studio space as and when needed.

Rehearsal Rooms

Manage multiple room calendars, set up bespoke calendars for individual spaces and see an overview of all your bookings at the click of a button. Easily add in room cleaning periods and set-up time between bookings as needed.

DJ Studios and Practice Rooms

Set availability to cater for late-night sessions and offer long term bookings for regulars. You can also offer multiple slot lengths so your clients can book in a serious session or short disk spin.

Vocal Booths and Podcast Studios

Clearly display the equipment included in each room so your clients can book the best space for their needs.

Mastering and Post-production Studios

Sync bookings with your staff’s phones and calendars to ensure the right people are on-site to help artists record, master and release the best music.

Songwriting Studios

Artists can cancel or reschedule their room booking online. Room space is automatically updated so that you can resell the space.

Dance Studios

Manage multiple spaces with ease and clearly display your room availability and capacity to artists and dancers 24/7. Jammed also allows you to offer long term bookings to cater for regular groups.

Drum Rooms

Cut down on no-shows with email & SMS notifications that automatically remind artists of their booking. Offer simple equipment rental to ensure your artists pre-book and pay for their practice kit before arrival.

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