Jammed Case studies

Practice Sheffield

Practice Sheffield uses Jammed to provide a better booking experience to their customers

Other booking systems were not fit for studios like Practice Sheffield

Tom from Practice Sheffield first started looking around for booking software for their rehearsal room, and they quickly found that the general competition isn't suited to how customer book studios. When they found Jammed however, they were happy with our fresh approach

... before we had a booking page that didn’t tell the customers enough about the rooms they were booking. We want to appear professional, to streamline the booking process for customers so we chose Jammed

Dylan - Practice Sheffield

The customer booking pages in Jammed are specifically designed for showing as much detail and visual imagery for a room or space as possible. As the times are chosen, the price is automatically displayed and changes - meaning that the customer knows exactly how much a room will cost.

We've spent years perfecting the booking flow so that the process feels premium and customers want to come back to book with your studio.

Customers definitely prefer Jammed over our old system, some comments I've heard are appreciative of the sleek design and others like that they are able to make an account for faster bookings

Dylan - Practice Sheffield

More flexible booking platform

Along with providing a better customer experience, Jammed also allows studios to track other rooms and spaces without having them being online bookable. These rooms aren't charged for by Jammed, meaning you can have infrequently booked rooms in the system and still track the bookings.

Jammed [having non-bookable rooms] has allowed us to have more rooms at the same price

Dylan - Practice Sheffield

World class support and help

Jammed is also unique to studios in offering face-to-face, or video chat support and help with setting up accounts when you join - all for free.

We want to make sure you're getting as much as you can out of our software, and we're delighted when you become a customer

Jammed has allowed us to expand our services and has built a better reputation among our customers than our previous booking system. Our bookings [have grown by] around 20-30%, the biggest increase is definitely on weekends

Dylan - Practice Sheffield